Lianyungang Ningyuan International Trade Co., Ltd
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LNYIT CO.,LTD with full right to import and export. are dealing with self-agent types of goods and technology import and export, technology consulting and supply chain services; the company has five holding subsidiaries with three Divisions include:
          Chemicals Division: Main products are polymerization inhibitor / inhibitors, antioxidants, other intermediates and derivatives and chemical raw materials( including emulsifiers, oils, humectants, preservatives and other functional materials); their application range covers resins, coatings, plastics, inks, household chemicals and other industries.
          Textile Division: including woolen, worsted, semi-worsted all kinds of yarns, sweaters and processing of various ingredients.
          Cosmetics Division: we are exclusive agent of Sally's Box,Ultrue,South Korea's largest mask OEM / ODM manufacturers iM1NE Ltd. We've beening cooperate for years.
Company Name:Lianyungang Ningyuan International Trade Co., Ltd
Address:Room A509, Jinhai Fortune Center, No.32 Chaoyang East Road, Lianyungang, (222000) Jiangsu, China.
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Enterprise Size:20
Year Established:2015